Improving Transportation and Infrastructure


Get the Cabaret Theatre Bus Stop Back

The City of New Brunswick experienced problems with the Cabaret Theater Bus Stop, but it was a decision made behind closed doors to take it away.  Eliminating that bus stop makes getting to your housing less convenient and less safe.  Going forward, we will work with the city to get the bus stop back.


Create a Subsidy for Parking Passes

Paying for a college education is far from easy, and there are many students that have the additional cost of paying for a parking pass, many times along with their cost of housing. When elected, we plan to work with the administration to design a program to lower the cost of parking passes to students who need financial assistance. This is a sensible solution to a very expensive problem.


Increase Accessibility to REX Buses

In the conversations we have about transportation, we often hear that the REXL and REXB buses are not very accessible to many stops around campus, and do not come frequently. We will work with the DOTS to increase the stops that these buses take, while finding ways to increase the frequency that they arrive.


Improve the Bus App

One of the biggest problems is when buses come to a stop, and the driver goes on a break without students being initially aware of it. Once elected we will work to put a warning in the bus app to note when a bus driver will be going on a break.


Increase Parking on College Ave and Easton ave

Parking in the College Ave and Easton Ave area has become a big problem. Students need to have access to more parking in this area. We will work with New Brunswick going forward to find locations where more parking structures can be built, and communicate with students to find the most convenient locations.


Get the City to Make Road Repairs

There are many roads around campus that have been heavily damaged by the weather, and have yet to be repaired. It's time to hold the city accountable and get these roads fixed.