Making Rutgers Sustainable


Demand the University Conduct Lead Testing on Water

There have been several reports of there being high amounts of lead in the New Brunswick water. This is very unhealthy, and we need to see to it that our University is providing safe drinking water to all students. When elected, we will demand that the University conduct lead testing on water to ensure its safety.


Increase Water Bottle Filling Stations

Water bottle filling stations have been very popular at Rutgers, as they provide clean drinking water and encourage sustainability. We will work to expand these stations across the University.


Encourage More Sustainable Practices in Rutgers 2030

The Rutgers Master Plan will determine the path our University moves in when it comes to sustainability. Whether it be increasing solar panels or composting, we need to hold the University accountable to have more sustainable practices for generations to come.


Fund Rain Gardens Initiative

We hope to work with student organizations across the University to implement rain gardens here at Rutgers. This is a creative way to lower storm water runoff, improve air quality, and decrease the amount of energy that we use. Plus, it adds a nice aesthetic to our University.


Create a Senate Sustainability Task Force

We want to hold the University accountable to sustainable practices, and we can help to do this by putting together a sustainability task force in our University Senate.