Increase student organization funding

as it stands, student organizations across campus have incurred budget cuts of over 50%. These are some ideas that we are going to have to bring everyone to the table to discuss going forward. these are several ways in which we can increase student organization funding. we can't promise which ones will be implemented, but we have decided to put ideas on this platform for students to decide which should be priorities.

revise the process behind the formation of new clubs

Over the span of 10 years, the amount of student organizations at Rutgers University have doubled, but the amount of funding they have access to has remained stagnant. One of the ways we can look into lowing down the budget cuts is to become more efficient in the way that we create and fund new organizations.


restructure special events funding

Every year, special events take a very large sum of the entire RUSA Allocations Budget. If we are able to find more ways to fund these events by creating partnerships around the University with Governing Councils and other organizations, it could lower the burden upon student organization budgets across the board.


create rusa grants for organizations

RUSA has received requests to give funding for cosponsorships of events, and we believe it would be a good idea to create a grant program for organizations to apply to for financial assistance. This would create a more professional process to the way RUSA allocates its own funds, and a better way to screen the requests that are put forward.