Ending Sexual Violence on Campus


Eliminating the RA Mandated Reporting Policies

The goal of our Sexual Violence Prevention platform is to empower survivors and to end sexual violence from occurring. RA's are essential resources to students on campus, but under the mandated reporting policy's interpretation, RA's are required to contact RUPD if told about a survivor's experience. This is the wrong approach to build a safe and comfortable community for survivors.  It is a priority for the Rutgers Rise team to help change this policy in order to give survivors the resources they need.


Addressing “The Red Zone”

“The Red Zone” is known as the first six weeks of the fall semester of college where there is an increased chance of sexual violence occurring. This is a time where we need to partner with leaders across the entire University on a comprehensive strategy to address it.  This will likely include a strong social media campaign, and heightened visibility of services offered by the University. But more than that, it will be a plan that every student at the University can have a part in. 


Support k-12 education on sexual violence

Education is a critical part of ending sexual violence.  In K-12 schools, students often graduate uneducated about the basic terminology, stereotypes, and issues associated with sexual violence.  As the State University of New Jersey, we should urge our state legislators to pass an existing bill to establish this educational program.  In the long run, more students will enter Rutgers University with vastly more education about this topic, and it can play an important role in addressing rape culture on campus.


Supporting the End Sexual Violence Online Module

Members of the Rutgers Rise team initially pushed for the End Sexual Violence Online Module to be required for all incoming students. We will continue to ensure that this is a requirement for all students in the future, because it will allow for a better understanding of key concepts and resources available at Rutgers University.


Push for the Campus Accountability and Safety Act

Our Presidential Candidate went with members of Rutgers NO MORE to advocate for the Campus Accountability and Safety Act, which would increase the spread of information on campus across the country, provide more statistics about sexual violence, and increase grant funding for Universities working to end sexual violence on their campus. When elected, we will continue to push for this to be incorporated into the Re-Authorization of the Higher Education Act.


Work Directly with VPVA

Our University is in the midst of hiring a new VPVA Director. We will do all that we can to ensure a smooth transition for the person hired, and to collaborate to increase the visibility of the services provided to survivors on campus.


Incorporate Information About Services in the Rutgers App

Services provided for survivors of sexual violence need to be more visible to the student body, and doing this through the Rutgers App provides easy access to important information.



We want to start a grassroots movement composed of students at this University in order to help stop sexual violence. Members of the Rutgers Rise ticket already set in motion a requirement that all RUSA members receive Bystander Intervention Training. We propose that at least two members of each organization applying for funding through RUSA Allocations get the same training, ensuring the lessons from this workshop spread throughout our University in an effort to end sexual violence on our campus.