Making Academics More Accessible and Affordable

U.S. Presidential Election Day as University Holiday

Classes hindered several voting-eligible students from accessing the voting polls in their respective home districts for the 2016 United States Presidential Election. In an effort to increase student voter turnout, we have been working in the Rutgers University Senate to propose an amendment to the University Academic Calendar; our goal is to designate Presidential Election Day as a University Holiday in which no classes will be in session.


establish a Universal iClicker

A common issue that students face is purchasing multiple iClicker devices for different courses throughout their undergraduate careers. We are currently working on an initiative to have one universal iClicker for all undergraduate students. This would require simply purchasing an extension on registration associated with the device to span all four years of undergraduate. The project has been supported and approved by Rutgers administration. We are currently working with administration and faculty to bring it into fruition.


Diversity and Inclusion Core curriculum requirement

Put our support behind the Committee on Enslaved and Disenfranchised Populations in Rutgers History Committee, and push for a diversity and inclusion core requirement in the Rutgers University curriculum.  Diversity is embedded within the history of Rutgers, and we can better educate ourselves and be more inclusive of all cultures by incorporating these concepts into the classroom.


Extension of WebReg Hours of Operation

WebReg is a tool that all Rutgers students use to register for courses. The hours of operation are 6:30 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. during Monday to Friday and 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. during Saturday and Sunday. However, the short range of hours poses an inconvenience for many students, especially on the weekend. We will be working to extend the hours of operation to accommodate the busy schedules of many students.


Rescheduling Final Exams for Commuters

Student commuters occasionally face difficulty if one final exam occurs in the evening and another occurs during the following morning. Potential issues with such close proximity of examination include being unable to have an appropriate sleep schedule, which can pose a danger to one’s health and safety during the midst of commuting. In an effort to reduce this risk, we will be pursuing an initiative to deem such an excuse as valid for re-scheduling a final exam.


Syllabus Bank

In order for undergraduates gain a preview of what a particular Rutgers course entails, RUSA has previously proposed the development of a syllabus bank. Rutgers undergraduates would be able to access syllabi of courses from previous semesters. We plan on reviving this initiative.


Credit Transfer Within Rutgers University

Many transfers from one campus (e.g., Newark) of Rutgers University to another campus (e.g., New Brunswick) face the difficulty associated with losing credits for coursework from their previous school. In an effort to ease the transfer of Rutgers credits, we are currently working in the Rutgers University Senate to permit credit from more courses to be transferred from one campus to another.


Rutgers Undergraduate Research Directory

The Rutgers Undergraduate Research Directory will serve as a centralized database of faculty researchers with described research interests and contact information. Undergraduates can utilize the database to discover the most fitting faculty researchers to work with. The project has been supported and approved by Rutgers administration. We are currently working with administration and faculty to bring it into fruition.