Improving Public Safety at Rutgers


Get the Cabaret Theater Bus Stop Back

The City of New Brunswick experienced problems with the Cabaret Theater Bus Stop, but it was a decision made behind closed doors to take it away.  Eliminating that bus stop makes getting to your housing less convenient and less safe.  Going forward, we will work with the city to get the bus stop back.


Off-Campus Safety Cameras

RUSA and members of the Rutgers Rise team have partnered with RUPD and are currently working on getting off-campus cameras installed in high traffic areas.  This will help keep our community safe by catching criminals, and deter future crime.


Medical Amnesty for drug use and Student Organizations

Our Vice Presidential Candidate was one of the main authors behind the new University Medical Amnesty Policy, which was passed to ensure that students that call 911 for a friend under the influence of alcohol would not get sanctioned by student conduct.  We need to ensure that drug use is included in that policy, because students should never be hesitant to call 911 in any health emergency.  We also we want to expand this to include student organizations along with individuals.  Expanding medical amnesty will help save lives.


Create Standing Focus Groups on Public Safety

Students should have a greater ability to give consistent feedback about the state of public safety at our University. Once elected, we will create standing focus groups across Rutgers to better-understand how we can improve public safety in our community.


Partner with RUPD to Ensure Diversity Sensitivity

Bridging the gap between the Rutgers Community and RUPD is important, and the training they undergo for diversity is essential for this to happen in a positive way. RUSA has been able to build a very strong relationship with RUPD, and we will work with the department to understand the effects that this training has had on officers to ensure a more inclusive environment when it comes to law enforcement.


Increase On-Campus and Off-Campus Lighting

We have received complaints about the lighting on certain parts of each of our five campuses, and off-campus locations as well.  Student should always feel safe when walking home from class and around the community, and additional lighting is a common-sense solution to the problem.


Increase Safety Walks

Public Safety Walks lead by students and members of the Rutgers Community, it becomes even easier to gain information about what areas could be safer on our campus. We will continue to collaborate on this initiative once elected.


Continue Partnership with the Knight’s Watch

The Knight's Watch Program helped us kick start the MidKnight Snacks Program, and can continue to be a great partner in keeping our students safe in the community. Once elected, we will continue the strong partnership we have built and create new initiatives to improve public safety.