inclusivity and Social Justice at Rutgers


Support Diversity and Inclusion Core Requirement

This has been one of the most talked about ways that we can combat ignorance around diversity in our society, and rightfully so. This is an initiative that members of the Rutgers Rise team has been working on, and we are looking to partner with organizations and students with this common goal. If we want more people to be educated about diversity, then this core requirement is the way it has to be done, and we are in full support of it.


free menstrual hygiene products

This past year, it has been members of the Rutgers Rise team that has been working with student organizations around Rutgers on a report to support providing free menstrual hygiene products at our University. If toilet paper is free, why shouldn't menstrual hygiene products be free as well?


Push for Scarlet and Black Recommendations

The Committee on on Enslaved and Disenfranchised Populations in Rutgers History put together a very strong list of recommendations to make this University not only more inclusive, but to ensure that we have a greater understanding of the roles that disenfranchised populations played in the formation of Rutgers University. Going forward, we will be supporting the recommendations made by the committee.


Projects to Strengthen the Rutgers Food Pantry

One of the most unseen populations at Rutgers University are those struggling with food insecurity. At our University today, there are students that have to make a decision between books and food. That is why supporting the Rutgers Food Pantry is essential. We need to work to de-stigmatize it, ensure it is properly stocked and funded, and market it more effectively so all students can be aware of this resource to them.


Create University-Wide Disabilities Services Council

This past year, members of our team have been meeting with the Office of Disabilities Services on campus. When people talk about inclusivity, too often they forget about those with disabilities that need additional services here at Rutgers. There are many departments and parts of Rutgers that can play a role in making sure that Rutgers is a place that is comfortable for all students, and we plan on assembling a University-wide council to collaborate on improving services and facilities to help those with disabilities. 


Provide unwavering support for the bridge act

This past year, members of our team authored a resolution to support the BRIDGE Act, legislation presented in Congress that would expand the stay of the young people here under DACA.  This is legislation that would protect hundreds of students at our University from deportation.  We have already been on the phone with legislators to push the bill forward, and we plan on continuing this effort once elected.


Ensure the Effectiveness of the RUPD Diversity Training

Bridging the gap between the Rutgers Community and RUPD is important, and this training is essential to ensure that this happens in a positive way. RUSA has been able to build a very strong relationship with RUPD, and we will work with the department to understand the effects that this training has had on officers to ensure a more inclusive environment when it comes to law enforcement.


Bring Cultural Organizations to RUPD

This past year, members of the Rutgers Rise team worked with our Student Affairs Committee to bring Rutgers Cultural Student Organizations to RUPD in order to increase transparency, and to bridge the gap between students of different backgrounds with the department. We will work to make this an event that occurs each semester.


Advocate for a More Diverse Faculty

In many academic departments, there is a lack of diversity among the faculty.  We will work with faculty leadership to encourage the hiring of a more diverse professors.


Partner Effectively with Cultural Centers and Organizations

Members of the Rutgers Rise team have built strong relationships with the cultural centers on campus. Especially in a political climate such as this, we will continue to work with them on programming and initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion in our community.