By voting, we add our voice to the chorus that forms opinions and the basis for actions.
— Jens Stoltenberg

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We Stand With You


My fellow students,

My name is Evan Covello, and I'm running for President of the Rutgers University Student Body.  It has been an honor to serve as your Vice President this past year, and I am looking forward to running a campaign of ideas, excitement, and optimism.

We are in the midst of the most contentious political and social climate in history, and with that, we need to be more ready than ever to fight for the issues we care most about.  You deserve a student government of actions, not just words.  That is why I'm running to be your President, because I see clear action steps that we can take to strengthen the student voice and make the Rutgers experience better for ALL students.  

As students, we have the ability to inspire each other to RISE and support those who need it most. I encourage you to read our agenda on this website, as I'm sure that you will find an issue that will inspire you. If you have questions, reach out to me at!

 Evan Covello- Candidate for President

Evan Covello, Candidate for President


Learn about the ways that we can strengthen the student voice and improve the Rutgers experience!

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