Increasing Civic Engagement on Campus


University Holiday for Election Day

As students, we all have very hectic schedules each day, but this should not be the case on Election Day. Here at Rutgers, students that are eligible to vote come from all across the state and the country, and creating a University Holiday for Election Day will give us more access to be able to vote. It was members of the Rutgers Rise team that started and is working on this initiative.


Host a governor Debate at Rutgers

We are the State University of New Jersey, and in the midst of a Gubernatorial Election we should be the hosts of a general election debate.  Members of our team have been working to put this together, and going forward that will be a priority to give students direct access to the candidates that will have the greatest control over the cost of higher education in government.


Collaborate to Reach 100% Voter Registration on Campus

Voter registration is not an easy process for students to go through.  We want to work to make sure that all students can get registered with ease, and ensure that all of our students are actually registered to vote.  In order to strengthen the student voice, all students must be able to vote for our elected representatives. Going forward we will look to partner with organizations around campus on a comprehensive strategy to institutionalize voter registration at Rutgers.


Get Students Involved in Legislation

Throughout the year, RUSA will address many pieces of legislation in the federal government, state government, and even university policies. We want to engage every student in this process.  When elected, we will put together a form that is available for all students to contribute their thoughts on policies they want to see their student government address.


Partner with RU Voting to Increase Election Information

RU Voting is a great resource to access information about elections. We will look to partner with RU Voting further to increase the accessibility to information about candidates, polling locations, and voter registration to the student body.