Changing Alcohol Culture on Campus


Bring Back The Alley in a Responsible Way

For just two weeks, The Alley was one of the most popular student tailgating atmospheres that Rutgers has ever seen. Unfortunately, it was shut down due to safety concerns. Going forward, we want to bring it back in a responsible way, because we believe that drinking at a tailgate is safer than drinking off-campus.


Continue to Fund MidKnight Snacks Program

The MidKnight Snacks Program is a new initiative which RUSA hands out free food and water to late night party-goers.  We can help change drinking culture by ensuring that students are eating and drinking water in between having alcoholic beverages. This has been a very popular initiative, and we plan on forming new partnerships in order to increase the frequency which this program is in effect.


Expand Water Bottle at Parties Initiative

This past semester we have partnered with Greek Life to hand out free water bottles to party-goers, which has been a very successful and popular program so far. This initiative will help to change the culture around alcohol, encouraging students to have water and limit the amount of drinks they have over a short period of time.


Medical Amnesty for drug use and Student Organizations

Our Vice Presidential Candidate was one of the main authors behind the new University Medical Amnesty Policy, which was passed to ensure that students that call 911 for a friend under the influence of alcohol would not get sanctioned by student conduct.  We need to ensure that drug use is included in that policy, because students should never be hesitant to call 911 in any health emergency.  We also we want to expand this to include student organizations along with individuals.  Expanding medical amnesty will help save lives.


Support the Sale of Alcohol in Stadiums

We believe that drinking alcohol in a stadium is safer than off campus.  We want to see the football stadium sell alcoholic beverages to people over the age of 21, which can help improve alcohol culture on campus and even raise revenue to go back to student organizations and CAPS.  This is a program that has been run at the University of Maryland and The Ohio State University, and Rutgers should start this initiative too.