Holding Ourselves Accountable and Being Transparent


RUSA Allocations Transparency

We all know how expensive college can be, and one of the most discouraging parts about the cost is that students have not been given a clear picture as to exactly where their money ends up.  We can start this by ensuring that students know everything there is to know about the RUSA Allocations process, or how student organizations are funded by the School Fee. This is the first step in increasing transparency to the costs that students must pay for, and holding funding boards accountable to students.


Weekly Reports, Op Eds, Letters to the Editor

This past year, RUSA created a weekly video report to update the student body.  We will continue to do this going forward, and write additional letters in the Daily Targum and press releases to the student body.


Demonstrate Campaign Ethics

Our focus on this campaign is to run based on ideas that will strengthen the student voice and improve the Rutgers experience. We take campaign ethics very seriously, and we pledge that the Rutgers Rise team will not break any campaigning rules.


Leaders Outside of RUSA

Our University has some of the best leaders in the country that are qualified in many areas that RUSA works on.  In order to ensure that RUSA is a well-functioning student government that can create real change, we need to make sure that all students are encouraged to be a part of student government, and take on leadership roles as well.